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A powerful CMS built specifically for local businesses.

A Content Management System that makes it simple to control your website and online marketing. With our CMS, it's easier than ever.

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Easily control every aspect of your online presence.

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Get more exposure and customer engagement with an easy to use CMS for business.

Your competitors are keeping their content fresh every day. Stay ahead of the pack by easily managing your website and online presence. So easy-to-use you’ll be back to doing what you love in no time.

by over 45,000 businesses,
big and small

Content management that works for your local business.

Our Business Membership is growing everyday, along with our members' businesses. Our CMS is helping businesses everywhere reach their customers, and they're happy to tell us about it.

Collette MacDonald
Growth Group.
CityDirect.info has made Internet advertising easy for me.
Shelley Adam
Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages.
Business has climbed 78%. In less than 3 months I notice a huge pick up in the calls I’m receiving and the bookings I’m landing... I am now successful and busier than I ever imagined.
Charlene Grootjans
Not Just Baskets.
Since signing up with you 6 months ago, our sales have already surpassed last years sales! I have no doubt that it is because the exposure that we're getting with our new site. Thank you again - I look forward to a long, business relationship with you!
Dr. C. Schell
A steady source of new patients and a successful way for previous patients to find me. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business.

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Content management made easy...

Effective. Efficient. In every way.

We've made it easy for your local business to effectively manage your online content in the most simple and effective way.

user-friendly layout.

No learning curve, just results.

Easily take control of your web content with a user friendly content management system.

A well-made CMS should give you complete control even for a non techie, and that's exactly what we've done. With a simple to use interface, you'll understand exactly how to formulate your content to make it appealing to your customers, and have it perform magnificently for search engines. With free, automatic updates to eliminate downtime, and easy-to-fill templates for all of your offerings, your web presence will be up and running in a flash.

Marketing solutions to help you get back to the things you love.

GET the easiest CMS for business


to showcase specifically what you offer.

Take the guesswork out of creating your content.

Whatever your business offers, we have an easy-to-fill page type for it.

To make it even easier, our CMS has easy to fill page types for what your business offers. If you can write an email, you will be able to easily use our CMS. Just fill out the form that is tailored to your offering, and you will easily publish your content. Each pre-made form contains fields with specific instructions about the type of information that needs to be entered. These fields have been thoroughly tested to ensure search engine optimization and a great consumer experience, which takes the guesswork out of writing content.

One platform means familiarity, ease-of-use, and confidence.

GET the easiest CMS for business


to gets the best search results.

Your content is search engine optimized automatically. Every time.

Our SEO makes it easy for your small business to dominate search results.

Our Content Management System is strategically built to work seamlessly with search engines. We've done the tough stuff, now all you need to do is follow the simple steps in our CMS to add, edit, and update your content. Every item you add will reap the benefits of specifically formulated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get you the best results for the content you're publishing. Your small or medium sized business will be beating out the competition in no time with our built in SEO.

One platform means familiarity, ease-of-use, and confidence.

OUTRANK your competition


content management.

Get a mobile responsive CMS so your business never skips a beat.

Stay connected with your website and your customers. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our Content Management System is mobile-ready, which means that it can be viewed and used easily on any device. From smartphones to tablets, your website is always available to potential customers, and you are always able to log in to make changes. Our CMS makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your online presence. Consumers now demand constant and instant connectivity with businesses websites, so it makes sense to stay ahead of the curve with a mobile ready CMS. You'll love the ability to keep your website updated from anywhere, and your customers will love being able to access your website on their phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Improve productivity with our All-in-One marketing platform.

ACCESS from anywhere


to connect with new customers.

Automatic syndication to multiple regional networks and social media.

When you want to reach new market segments, put yourself in front of an existing audience.

Adding fresh content is important, but getting your content seen is what it boils down to. To reach new consumers, you need to expand your reach and make your content available to a wider audience. Our CMS automatically syndicates every item you add to across the CityDirect.info Network. This is like paying for a single billboard on your street and then getting free billboards all over your city, your province, and your country! In addition, you can connect your social media accounts to syndicate your content to the largest audience you've ever been able to reach.

Improve productivity with our All-in-One marketing platform.

CONNECT with new customers


WE support your business, and pave the pathway to success.

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