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Software as a Service

Get way more
for less.

Easy to use marketing software for small businesses.

SaaS is globally accessible, so you can access it anywhere, from any device. You get access to free and automatic upgrades that keep your business ahead of the competition, and you can easily customize your software with no need for IT support.

All of this comes at a low monthly subscription price, making it accessible to any small business. Learn more about Software as a service...

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Marketing can be this easy.

Everything you need in one place.

Free up your time with an All in One marketing platform. Easily control all aspects of your online presence and web marketing with a simple to use interface. Automatic content syndication allows you to quickly reach a larger market than you ever could before, and gets results fast. No more searching for lost passwords, because you only need one. All in One marketing platforms...

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Mobile Responsive Websites

Don’t get
left behind.

Ensure your business is still getting found.

The way search engines show their results is changing - and that’s because they now favour mobile sites. Ensure your business can still be found with a mobile-responsive website. Get everything you need from one website provider. No upgrades or extra fees - just a mobile ready website that gets you found online. Learn more about Mobile Responsive Websites...

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Content Syndication

Reach consumers, easily.

Automatic content syndication makes it easy to reach consumers.

When you need to connect with consumers, you need a smart system that handles your content syndication like a pro. The CityDirect.info platform allows you to easily control all of your content from one place. Easily post to all of your linked social accounts, as well as the built in CityDirect.info network. Easy as pie! Learn more about Content Syndication...

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