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Get a customizable online presence today, for a fraction of the cost of a custom website.

CityDirect.info offers it's Software as a Service. This allows you to customize your software quickly and easily with no need for IT support. You get access to free and automatic upgrades that keep your business ahead of the competition. SaaS is globally accessible, so you can access it anywhere, from any device. And all of this comes at a low monthly subscription price, making it accessible to any small business.

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Our Business Membership is growing everyday, along with our members' businesses. Our tools and platform are helping businesses everywhere reach their customers, and they're happy to tell us about it.

Collette MacDonald
Growth Group.
CityDirect.info has made Internet advertising easy for me.
Shelley Adam
Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages.
Business has climbed 78%. In less than 3 months I notice a huge pick up in the calls I’m receiving and the bookings I’m landing... I am now successful and busier than I ever imagined.
Charlene Grootjans
Not Just Baskets.
Since signing up with you 6 months ago, our sales have already surpassed last years sales! I have no doubt that it is because the exposure that we're getting with our new site. Thank you again - I look forward to a long, business relationship with you!
Dr. C. Schell
A steady source of new patients and a successful way for previous patients to find me. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business.

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SOFTWARE as a SERVICE makes it easy and affordable...

It's good to share. Especially the expenses.

As unique as you are. Our SaaS is always improving. No matter where you are, or where your business takes you.

spend less.

Software as a Service is friendly to your bottom line.

Why pay upfront? With SaaS, you don't have to.

CityDirect.info's software as a service saves your business from buying hardware and software, and then having to install, maintain, and upgrade it. Our SaaS application is subscription based, which gives you the biggest savings for access to the best professional software. You save because you're not buying custom software with all of the associated fees. You're buying a subscription to software that is already built specifically for small to medium sized businesses like yours. When you share the development and maintenance costs through a subscription, you get top of the line business software at an unbeatably affordable price.

Why pay upfront? With SaaS, you don't have to.

USE our software


for continued success.

No worry updates and improvements. Why install and maintain software when it can be handled by the experts?

Our SaaS marketing platform is always up to date, keeping you ahead of the competition.

CityDirect.info's SaaS is hosted centrally and accessed by users through a web browser. Because of this, our users don't have to pay for, or install, the latest version of the software because it is constantly updated automatically for you, behind the scenes. Not only do users not have to worry about updates, but they are always using the latest and most advanced version of the software without having to do a single thing. Being centrally located also allows CityDirect.info to constantly work on improvements, making for an even better user experience that you just can't beat.

Position yourself ahead of the pack and get found more often.

USE the latest version of software


wherever you are.

Get a software that is globally accessible.

Control your online marketing on any device, anywhere, any time.

CityDirect.info's software as a service is accessed through a web browser, so when you want to subscribe, you simply have to sign up and you can start using the software right away. You'll get one login for multiple users, so no more hidden costs for multiple user accounts. With your account, you can log in and utilize our software from any location, on any device. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Even better, there's no installation or configuration required, so you can use the application right now.

Software as a Service that is accessible on any device, anywhere. CityDirect.info

MANAGE your website on all types of device


as you are.

The full function marketing platform that gets results for your small business.

All of the online marketing tools you need. Simplified.

The CityDirect.info software is built to help small to medium sized businesses succeed online. By using the CityDirect.info SaaS, you can tailor the software to your specific needs, and customize the application to fit your business precisely. You have the ability to easily alter the configuration options, to completely customize both the functionality, and its look-and-feel. What makes this SaaS even more amazing is that each user's customization is always preserved, even through upgrades to the software. With SaaS, you get a complete program that's ready to go - no need to develop the functionality over months of meetings with a developer. SaaS is built with small to medium sized companies in mind: all the functionality you need - even options you didn't know you needed.

All of the online marketing tools you need. CityDirect.info

CUSTOMIZE the software for your business


WE support your business, and pave the pathway to success.

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