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Collette MacDonald
Growth Group. has made Internet advertising easy for me.
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Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages.
Business has climbed 78%. In less than 3 months I notice a huge pick up in the calls I’m receiving and the bookings I’m landing... I am now successful and busier than I ever imagined.
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Not Just Baskets.
Since signing up with you 6 months ago, our sales have already surpassed last years sales! I have no doubt that it is because the exposure that we're getting with our new site. Thank you again - I look forward to a long, business relationship with you!
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A steady source of new patients and a successful way for previous patients to find me. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business.

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As of April 21st, Google has changed their search ranking algorithm for mobile devices vs that of a desktop device. This means that a mobile device will get a different set of results than a desktop computer. The defining factor in whether your website will show on a mobile device is whether it is “local” and “mobile” optimized. This includes the links that lead to your site as well. With our built in local mobile network, your site gains the power of our entire network to push your website to the top of search rankings. When you need a #1 search ranking, you need local mobile link backs.

 You don't need to make changes on your desktop site, then go and repeat yourself to change your mobile site.

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All of our websites are mobile responsive and always will be. We do all the back-end coding work to make sure that your site is always accessible, no matter what device and no matter what search engine requirements. With 95% of smartphone users searching for local businesses - you need to be mobile responsive to get found. But did you know that your location plays a role in your search engine rankings? If your website doesn’t clearly state your location, your search result ranking will be lower than a website that does. That’s why all of our websites have locations built right into the code and SEO. So you have all the power behind you to get the top search result and connect with more consumers.

Your business will be easier to contact and easier to find than ever before.

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We have what other website builder’s don’t: powerful localized network that super-powers your website.

We offer locally optimized and mobile ready solutions that get your business found online. Clearly localized content throughout the CityDirect network make your website the most preferred result by Google. By syndicating your business’s offerings throughout the CityDirect network, you raise your credibility higher than your competitors and get even better search results. But don’t worry: by using our easy to fill page types, your content is automatically syndicated throughout our network with no extra work from you. Why waste time publishing the same content multiple times, just trying to show up on a search engine - when you can hit publish once and have your content published seamlessly throughout our network! Get first page results easily, when you harness the power of our automatically syndicated local content that drives your business higher.

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We have what other website builders don’t: mobile ready edits.

You have a business to run, make your website the easiest part of it.

Take your business on the road with you. We understand that you’ve got a lot to do in a day. Sitting at your computer, editing your website is not high on your priority list. That’s why we’ve made even our content management form mobile friendly, so you can access your web content on any device with an internet connection. Add a special while you’re out of the shop, or edit content on a hotel computer. Your website is always accessible to you. And most importantly, always accessible to your customers.

 Having two websites creates more work, costs you more money, and more time.

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WE supportlocal business, and pave the pathway to success.

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