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Fully integrated digital marketing. From search, to social, to mobile we’ll help you reach the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

Start competing. One platform allows you to outflank your competition and surround your current and potential customers. Allowing you to drive more leads, and ultimately sales.

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Our membership is growing everyday, along with our members' businesses. Our tools and platform are helping Business Members all over the world reach their customers, and they're happy to tell us about it.

Collette MacDonald
Growth Group.
CityDirect.info has made Internet advertising easy for me.
Shelley Adam
Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages.
Business has climbed 78%. In less than 3 months I notice a huge pick up in the calls I’m receiving and the bookings I’m landing... I am now successful and busier than I ever imagined.
Charlene Grootjans
Not Just Baskets.
Since signing up with you 6 months ago, our sales have already surpassed last years sales! I have no doubt that it is because the exposure that we're getting with our new site. Thank you again - I look forward to a long, business relationship with you!
Dr. C. Schell
A steady source of new patients and a successful way for previous patients to find me. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business.

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COMPLETE online marketing solution...

An all-in-one tool to deliver what matters most to you: new and returning customers.

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More exposure, leads, and sales.

Less time, effort, and expense

The difference is clear. Online marketing offers solutions to traditional marketing techniques that are cheaper and more effective. The online audience is huge, and more and more consumers are joining it every day. We make it easier than ever to get your business online. Take advantage of our cutting edge service to stay ahead of your competition.

entice your potential purchasers to follow through

EVERYTHING you need. No up-front commitment.


exactly who you want

Reduce the waste. Focus your marketing on those most receptive.

Pay to reach only those interested in what you offer.

Reach narrow market segments that are specifically interested in what you offer. Rather than taking a blanket approach to your marketing, there is a smarter way. No matter how targeted you feel traditional forms of marketing can be - such as direct mail by postal codes, billboards at key intersections, ads on certain radio stations, or promotions placed in specific publications - none can be as targeted as internet marketing. Why? Simply said, traditional marketing interrupts the consumer, whether they are interested or not at that moment. In comparison, digital marketing is triggered by the consumer taking a specific action - be it searching for a specific thing, viewing a page on a specific topic, or accessing the web from a particular place. By directing your marketing efforts and budget to these specific triggers you can target those who are most likely to convert into leads, appointments, and sales.

entice your potential purchasers to follow through

REACH the right people


and they will come

Track the success of your digital marketing.

Get the real story behind your marketing performance.

With traditional marketing tactics, it's difficult to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. That's not the case with online marketing. Online marketing gives you detailed analytics of where your customers are coming from, what content they are interacting with, and indicators as to what entices your potential purchasers to turn into customers. It's easily measurable, and the information is automatically compiled for you to view any time, anywhere.

social media integration get more clicks and calls from your CityDirect.info content creation

KNOW how you're doing


and watch the leads come in

Make changes in a flash to maximize the return on your investment.

Flexible marketing gives you the control required to respond to your clientele and stay ahead of your competition.

Being able to change your marketing on a dime can be a breath of fresh air. With other forms of marketing, once it's underway, you're stuck with it. With online marketing, you can fix and tweak your content and its placement to improve customer interaction and improve your lead generation. You can make changes at any time, allowing you to be more proactive over your competition and beat them to the punch.

social media integration get more clicks and calls from your CityDirect.info content creation

BUILD what works best for your business


WE support your business, and your entire online marketing efforts

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